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Levy Matebo
Trans Nozoia, Kenya
Bib #4

PRONUNCIATION: Lee-vy Mah-te-bow

AGE: 22 (3Nov89)

PERSONAL BEST: 2:05:16 (Frankfurt, 2011)

30Oct11 BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2nd 2:05:16
06Mar11 Barcelona Marathon 1st 2:07:31
28Nov10 La Rochelle Marathon 6th 2:12:06
10Oct10 Brussels Marathon 1st 2:13:30

Levy Matebo Omari says, “My proudest accomplishment was achieved in Frankfurt on October 30, 2011, when I finished that great Marathon second, setting my personal best at 2:05:16. As a matter of fact, the whole of 2011 was definitely a wonderful year for me. In March, I won the Barcelona Marathon in 2:07:31, and in October, I improved my personal best by more than 2 minutes. I do hope to do my best to improve that in Boston 2012.” In 2010 Matebo won the Brussels Marathon and followed that performance a month later with a sixth-place finish in La Rochelle.

Matebo finished secondary school and is married. He runs with the Police Team in Kenya, but is free of duty at the moment. Matebo says, “I became a runner because when I was at school my teacher strongly advised me into this particular career. I then took part in some school champs without getting any particular results. After that I started training harder and finally became a professional athlete.” Of his first Boston appearance, he says, “It was high time for me to compete in a Major Marathon and compete along with many champions.” Matebo is affiliated with Gianni Demadonna’s group.