2017 Boston Marathon

The Boston Athletic Association appreciates your interest in running the 2017 Boston Marathon, however, registration has now closed.

The registration process for the 2017 Boston Marathon began on September 12, and the maximum number of athletes who ran a qualifying performance and submitted their application for entry has now been reached.

The Boston Marathon does not have a waiting list, late registration on race weekend, or race day registration. Neither entry nor bibs may be transferred.

For those who have submitted an application for entry during Week One of registration (September 12 through September 17, 2016) but who do not yet see their name posted on the Boston Marathon Entry List page, please be aware that it may take several days or longer to verify qualifying performances depending on a number of factors. The B.A.A. asks for your cooperation and patience during this verification process. Please do not contact the B.A.A. during this period unless requested to do so by the Registration office.

Runners who submitted their entry during Week Two of registration (September 19 through September 21, 2016) will be ranked based on their qualifying performance. The B.A.A. is in the process of verifying qualifying times. Notification will be sent to all runners who submitted an application, indicating acceptance or non-acceptance.

The 122nd Boston Marathon will be run on Monday, April 16, 2018. The qualifying window for the 2018 Boston Marathon began on September 17, 2016. This was the first day that a certified marathon performance may be used for the purpose of qualifying for the 2018 race. Age on April 16, 2018 determines your qualifying time. Age group on the day of the qualifying race may differ. Registration dates for the 2018 Boston Marathon will be announced on the B.A.A.'s web site at a later date.

The Boston Athletic Association thanks you for your cooperation and wishes you the best of luck with the pursuit of your athletic goals.

To view the Boston Marathon's qualifying standards and registration procedures, click here.

For athletes with disabilities, please see more specific information on registration for these programs and divisions here.

To read additional details about the B.A.A.'s registration process for the 2017 Boston Marathon, please click here.